custom wedding platter

Like a lot of people out there, working for the boss was begining to feel like a one way street, leading to outright frustration. Many nights were spent thinking about what we could do that would bring us joy and relief at the thought of not working for someone else.

One day, I was sitting outside in the garden and I noticed our sun catcher sparkling away as it danced in the wind. I was captivated at how certain highlights in the glass reflected, and bounced onto the other decending glass ornaments.

After searching online, I came across some artwork that had been sandcarved, and was hooked immediately. The detail in sand etched art that can be acheived was visually stunning and we soon decided that this was going to be our little niche in the sunshine.

We enjoy selling our giftware at farmers markets and we especially love meeting people from all over the world. There is nothing like a Saturday in Penticton, British Columbia, when the sun is shining and our beautiful sand etched glasware is sparkling in the sun.

We look forward to meeting you at craft fairs, farmers markets and numerous other events that we attend.