Crystal Pierced Pitcher 48oz Vine & Grapes

Crystal Pierced Pitcher 48oz Vine & Grapes

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A "hole in one"... In the geometrically shaped Tuscany Classics® Crystal Pierced Pitcher, a hole proves visually intriguing and practical as well. That's because the hole forms the pitcher's handle. This elegant an stylish pitcher is at home on your table with both casual and formal dinnerware. Give the pitcher as a gift on Father's Day or any occasion.

12" High Holds 48oz

Etched with Grape & Vine design

Perfect for those long hot summer nights sitting on the deck or lazily sitting by the pool - entertaining with style comes easy with this beautiful Pitcher.

If you have an idea, or design that you would like to be engraved ,please contact us and we will create a design that best suits your needs.